About Allen Francis Foley

The lyrical portrait of my life cannot be changed.
It's a leap in the dark of a life , and a life worth examining in an effort to expand upon humanity's self-exposure, and self-definition.

And yet, who am I, when life is sometimes just a dangling conversation, marked by a bookmark to those things lost, kissing shadows in the midst of dreams unresolved. It's the cornerstone of our vulnerability; the crucible, the rosary beads, the prayer, and the Zen of our lives, passing thru a thousand crowded places.
Allen Francis Foley, published poet and author has traveled throughout the State of Maine over the past several years capturing many images of grand scenes and subtle beauty, spectacular mountain landscapes, field and stream photo's along with rugged seascapes.

Each photo is best described by Foley's poetic verse, and it's location, adding an additional touch to Foley's presentation.

In Foley's Resume you will not read about his personal emergency room of despair. You will not hear how he runs away from life with a gasp, a fainted breath, or a loud homeless cry in the night, fluttering over the unreachable muse of his destiny, his eyes wide open, Colors fade, and a saxophone is played as a reveille call from some far off place asking, "is our spiritual shallow to the privilege's ordained by some unseen god?

Foley's resume does not tell you about his nine days in a coma suffered from a blow to the head while serving in Vietnam. His resume says nothing about his traumatic brain injury, his PTSD, or his issues with depression all suffered in the land that god forgot.

Through homeless nights, and 2 suicide attempts, Foley was surrounded with a "protective whisper." Passion, Foley's passion within, was an eccentric voice of shyness, an elixir of life, and an intuition, where writing down his poetic conversations, confessing upon those uncensored pages his unsolicited truth, reminded him he was alive.
In addition to creative endeavors Sgt. Foley has spent a great deal of his time contributing to charitable institutions such as Toys for Tots and Maine Homeless Veterans by participating in and helping to organize fund raising events.

A percentage of all sales from his website goes directly to benefit these charitable organizations. Also, Toys-for-Tots is the beneficiary of Sgt. Foley's Life Insurance Policies set-up as an endowment.

Patriotic Song "Stand Up America" that we sing during events

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